About my work

I’m a brand design expert. I work directly with businesses, institutions and self-employed people who either need new brand identities or to refresh their existing ones. I offer creative design solutions for:
  • logos, stationery and brand tool-kits – plus guidelines on how to use them
  • printed materials including brochures & leaflets, books, roll-ups & posters, packaging
  • visual design (not coding) for digital applications such as websites, banner adverts, PowerPoint and Word templates
  • websites that are created from existing toolkits
  • environmental applications such as exhibitions, wall graphics and wayfinding signage
As a freelancer I support design studios at all stages of a project, including strategy, ideas, pitches, concept development, applications and guidelines. I enjoy freelancing and bring that enjoyment to the projects that I collaborate on. I’m a team player, reliable and committed to maximising creativity whilst getting the job done on time and within budget.

About me

Ideas are what I look for in every project. I’m a firm believer in putting strategy first as this makes the most creative design solution easier to find. As a junior designer I was very much inspired by Swiss Style and the Bauhaus and this love of reduction and simplicity has remained with me throughout my career.

I’m a British graphic designer and art director with a broad experience working for some of the best known studios in London and Europe. Click on CV for more details. After living for periods of time in New York and Auckland this gave me a taste for life in other countries and cultures. Since 2007 I have been based in Germany where I work for German and international clients. I currently live in Hamburg.

About this website

This is my online portfolio. It's a small selection of the many projects completed while I was either employed, freelancing or working directly for small businesses and start-ups. Click on A-Z for a full client list.